Zambia to receive US $40m fund for ISTWSSP project

Zambia to receive US $40m fund for ISTWSSP project

The government of Zambia is set to receive US $40m fund from the African Development Fund (ADF) for the Integrated Small Town Water Supply and Sanitation Project (ISTWSSP) in Luapula Province.

Keneth Chense, LpWSC’s Execurtive Director confirmed the reports and said the project aims at providing drinking water to over 210,000 people. In the province, with a population of more than one million, only 70,000 people use water treated by the regional utility.

ISTWSSP project

The ISTWSSP project is part of the broader National Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Programme (NUWSSP). Launched by the Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection, the programme is expected to reach several urban and peri-urban areas in Zambia. The priority provinces are Luapula, Muchinga, North and West. Hence the financing of the ADF, amounting to US$ 135 million.

The project involves construction of new water pumping stations, treatment plants and storage tanks. Several drinking  infrastructures will also be renovated. Upon completion,  volume of drinking water produced in the region will increase by 4,500m3

“The project will also rehabilitate existing sewerage systems in Mansa to improve wastewater collection, transport, treatment and disposal,” said Kenneth Chense. Mansa being the district and provincial capital of Luapula, it is one of the priority cities for the project, along with Samfya, Mwense and Kawambwa.

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