US $22m medical school and hospital to be constructed in Kenya

A US$ 22m medical school and hospital for kidney-related ailments is set to be constructed in Nairobi, Kenya through funds from the African Development Bank (AfDB).

The mega project which will comprise of a hospital and a university wing which will encompass 25 wards, laboratories, surgical theatres, high dependency units, consultation rooms and vehicle parking yards.

The East African Kidney Institute

The kidney hospital dubbed The East African Kidney Institute (EAKI) will be located on a plot to be hived off the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) playground currently used by six sporting teams. It will host lecture halls, multimedia and video conferencing rooms.

The facility which will be designed by an Italian company-Politecnica Ingegneria Architettura will train renal ailments specialists for the East African region and will help cut huge expenses, estimated at over US $148m, incurred by East Africans seeking treatment abroad annually for Non-Communicable Diseases.

According to AfDB, the institute is part of the East Africa Community’s plan to avail centres of excellence and tertiary education in biomedical sciences in four countries.

AfDB is also funding development of the East Africa Biomedical Engineering Institute (EABEI) in Rwanda, East Africa Oncology Institute (EAOI) in Uganda, and East Africa Heart Institute (EAHI) in Tanzania.

The National Environment Management Authority has given Kenyans 30 days to air their views on the proposed project.

About Politecnica

Politecnica is one of the top Italian firms providing integrated service in architecture, engineering and urban planning. It is independent and fully controlled by its 41 cooperative associates, mainly engineers and architects, who have worked on projects in over 50 countries worldwide.