Togo is set to develop Kékéli Efficient Power station

The Ministry of Mines and Energy has signed a power generation concession agreement with a Pan-African industrial group, Eranove, for the development of Kékéli Efficient Power station.

The contract covers the design, financing, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the power plant.

The project will be located in the Lomé port area. According to a company statement, Siemens will provide the turbines, technology and maintenance services for the power station.

The construction will be carried out by the Spanish group Grupo TSK (EPC).

As for the financing to be mobilised in CFA francs, the West African Development Bank (BOAD) and the Pan-African banking group Oragroup will be the leaders.

The Eranove group will ensure the development and operation and maintenance of this plant that will ultimately be operated and managed by Togolese.

Kékéli Efficient Power gas plant

With an installed capacity of 65MW, the Kékéli Efficient Power gas plant will use combined cycle technology.

The company underlined that this technology makes it possible to produce more electricity without additional gas consumption and by limiting CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

“In order to ensure the success of a quality public / private partnership, we have assembled an innovative Pan-African financing exclusively denominated in CFA Francs (a first for an Independent Producer of Electricity in Africa) mobilised by regional institutions, as well as partners renowned Pan-European techniques with Eranove, Siemens and TSK and eventually this Kékéli plant will be operated and managed by Togolese,” said Marc Albérola, CEO of Eranove Group.

Albérola added: “This project perfectly illustrates this model that we want to promote to meet the challenge of access to electricity and water in Africa.”