Tanzania to construct a mega bus terminal in Dodoma

Dodoma Municipal Council in Tanzania is expected to issue a green light for the construction of a new mega bus terminal and a commercial tower complex that will improve transit connections and transform the municipality’s skyline.

According to the Council, the new bus terminal is expected to be one of the largest termini in the country. Construction is expected to start early next month and is scheduled for completion within 24 months.

“Work on the project is at an advanced stage. A team of experts is reviewing submissions from a dozen construction firms that applied for the job. We are now on the evaluation stage of all submissions, since we announced the tender early this year,” said the Municipal Director Mr. Godwin Kunambi.

Project cost

It was not immediately revealed how much the project will cost but details released by the Municipality shows that the mega-bus terminal will seat on a 50 acre plot at Nzuguni suburb about 7km from the city center on the Dodoma-Dar es Salaam highway. Additionally, the proposed new bus terminal will also include a shopping mall as well as a parking yard.

Dodoma Urban Member of Parliament and Deputy Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister, Mr. Anthony Mavunde, released eight close-up and wide-angle photos and said that is how Dodoma will become in just few years to come.
Terminal capacity

Sources within the Municipality say the new terminal will have the capacity to host more than 200 upcountry buses, 600 medium-sized (hiace and coaster) and an additional 300 taxis and rickshaws.

Meanwhile, Dodoma Municipal Council Director, Mr. Godwin Kunambi has revealed plans to temporary relocate commuter buses from downtown to Nanenane, just a few miles from the planned new bus terminal. All machingas will also be removed from downtown to Nanenane area.