South Africa’s N1 highway pedestrian bridge soon to be complete

South Africa’s N1 highway pedestrian bridge soon to be complete

Construction of US $1.5m N1 highway pedestrian bridge in Pretoria, South Africa is set to be completed soon and will be ready for use by pedestrians and cyclists near Hoërskool Waterkloof. This is according to South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL).

Northern Region manager Progress Hlahla announced the reports and said that the bridge only needs to have the in situ concrete deck cast which will take about a month to be completed. This is after the bridge was built in under 20 hours last weekend.

N1 highway pedestrian bridge

The pedestrian bridge is expected to reduce incidences of accidents involving pedestrians being knocked down by cars while trying to cross the busy highway Additionally the agency expects the bridge to stand for decades considering that Sanral’s bridge management system ensures proper inspection of structures before allowing it’s usage by the public.

“The new bridge was designed to replace the old one which was demolished in May 2016 due to safety concerns. This elegant structure with an arched steel plate girder substructure and a cast in situ concrete deck, has been engineered to international standards with cyclists and pedestrians in mind,” said Sanral project manager Alan Agaienz.

The bridge was designed to be manufactured off-site and to be self-supporting without any central pier in the median. The manager added that the structure was erected in two separate sections and welded in the middle to create the permanent structure. Moreover he explained that they selected the design based on costs of construction and maintenance after being given five options to select from.

“This design was chosen out of five possible options because it is cost effective and aesthetically pleasing solution. The middle temporary support pier will be removed after about 28 days when the concrete has cured,” explains Agaienz.

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