Rehabilitation of Tororo-Kamdini highway in Uganda to begin

Rehabilitation of Tororo-Kamdini highway in Uganda to begin

Rehabilitation of the strategic Tororo-Kamdini highway of Uganda is expected begin in February of 2019. This comes after the country was able to secure the projects funding worth US $157m from the World Bank.

Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) station engineer, Lira regional office, MS Harriet Ogam confirmed the development, and said that the road from Lira to Kamdini, is currently in bad shape and full of potholes.

She added that the road will be reconstructed and that of Lira to Tororo will be rehabilitated, strengthened and enlarged to accommodate and sustain the heavy traffic caused mainly by heavy cargo trucks which travel regularly on the road from Mombasa in Kenya to Juba in South Sudan and vice versa.

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Tororo-Kamdini highway

The refurbishment process of the project that covers 340 kilometers will be executed by a Portuguese construction firm, Mota-Engil Africa who won the project contract. Machinery and equipment imported by Mota-Engil Africa have started arriving in the country and the contractor has already acquired land at Kamdini in Oyam District and Boroboro in Lira District to set up site camps in which they will be working from in the ten years the project is expected to take until it is fully complete.

Inspection of the road for the company to know what lies ahead of them will be done this week as they begin to establish their camps in order to start the actual work come next month.

The successful completion of the roads  will develop east and northern Uganda while boosting trade between Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan since it will ease the movement of goods and services between the neighboring countries.

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