Plans to merge Tanzania’s Dawasa and Dawasco advance

Dar es Salaam Water and Sewerage Authority (DAWASA) and Dar es Salaam Water and Sewerage Corporation (DAWASCO) are set to merge by July this year.

According to the Deputy Minister for Water and Irrigation, Jumaa Aweso, the main aim of the merger is to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs. Preparations for the merger of two entities are progressing well and will be complete by July this year.

He said the merging of the two bodies was vital and cautioned Dawasco and Dawasa workers against temptations of sabotaging the process and tarnishing the image of each other for personal gains.

During his tour to the plant, the Deputy Minister expressed appreciation of the investment and good job done by Dawasa and government in effort to improve supply of safe and clean water in Dar es Salaam and Coast regions He also instructed Dawasa and Dawasco to fight against hooligans who destroy water infrastructures and make sure they are well protected.

Increased water production

According to Dawasa Director of Technical Services, Modester Mushi the expansion of Ruvu Juu water plant has increased water production capacity of the plant from 82,000 to 196,000 litres per day which has eased the water problem in Dar es Salaam

Apart from the project, Dawasa had also implemented another mega project following the construction of a 10 million capacity water tank at Kibamba on the outskirt of Dar es Salaam city which also is among the effort by the entity to resolve the region water blues especially in areas facing acute water problems such as Kigamboni, Temeke, Segerea and Ukonga constituency to name a few.

Dawasco Chief Executive Officer, Cyprian Luhemeja further said that they were doing well in improving supply of clean and safe water in Dar es Salaam and Coast regions. The aim is to end the problem of water scarcity by 2020 to 2025 as they are building water network to areas which had no network and renovating the old ones