Ethiopian enterprise to construct four Dry Ports

The Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Service Enterprise has revealed plans to construct four dry ports in the coming two years. The ports are expected to create market chains with the expanding industrial parks and railway lines.

In addition to the Dire Dawa Dry Port, which is now being built at the cost of US $69.8m and is currently 75% complete; the new ports will be installed in Mekelle, Woreta, Kombolcha and Hawassa towns; this is according to the Shipping and Logistics Service Enterprise.

In these four towns, 91 hectares of land has been readied for the construction of the dry ports.

Linking Dry ports to railway lines

Additionally, plans are also underway to link these five dry ports, including the Port of Dire Dawa, with railway lines and industrial parks.

Dire Dawa port is expected to be connected to the Ethio-Djibouti railway. The Mekele dry port, which is about 15km away from Mekele Industrial Park, is said lies on about 42 hectares of land.

Feasibility study and project cost
Feasibility study for Mekele Port has been done and this Port will be completed this year at the cost of US $73.5m. Similarly, a study has been undertaken for the construction of Woreta Dry Port which will lie on 20 hectares of land.

While the design of Hawassa Dry Port is underway, the design works for the construction of the Kombolcha Dry Port which will be constructed on 26 hectares of land will be completed by this year.

Construction of the ports is expected to be complete in the next two years. Logistics services will be temporarily used in areas where the construction of these ports will be possible.