Construction of US $180m brewery plant in Mozambique on track

Construction of US $180m brewery plant in Mozambique on track

The construction of US $180 million brewery plant in Mozambique is on track despite the late start of the ambitious project by beverage company Cervejas de Moçambique’s (CDM’s). 

The late start and constraints saw geotechnical specialist Franki Africa make efforts to ensure partial handover of the foundations and lateral support to allow the main contractor progress with construction works.

“We have managed to partially handover different areas to allow the main contractor carry on with works smoothly. The design team is working in hand with the client’s engineers are working tirelessly to overcome any arising challenges,” said Botelho.

Brewery plant

CDM, the project owner broke ground last year December for construction of the two million hectolitre brewery in Mozambique’s Marracuene district which is about 30 KM North of Maputo.

The project is one of the largest in the beer sector in Mozambique since the inception of CDM in 1995. The new brewery is scheduled to begin producing its first batch of beer at the end of the year. The plant is expected to produce about 200 million litres of beer annually.

Franki will carry out geotechnical works on the project and will also be responsible for the installation of foundation and lateral support piling for different structures of the brewery, according to the company’s engineer Marta Botelho.

The project’s duration has been extended from five weeks to ten weeks and as a result, the contract value has increased from US $1.5m to US $2.5m owing to additional works required. This is attributed to the late start of the project which has attributed to the project’s stringent timeline.

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