Construction of Outering Thika Highway exchange in Kenya begins

Construction of Outering Thika Highway exchange in Kenya begins

The Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) has begun construction of a new flyover exchange linking the Outering Road and Thika Super Highway in Kenya, in a bid to ease traffic congestion as a result of high population density in the Eastern part of Nairobi city.

The cooperation has since announced a 3 month closure of the overpass at GSU headquarters in order to ensure that the construction works are not interrupted by motorists.

Alternative routes for the road users.

Motorists from Outering  Road heading towards Thika are urged to use the right-hand side service road of Thika Super Highway and turn right on the underpass at Survey of Kenya to their destination.

Those who intent to head to Airport from the Central Business District through the Outering Road will carry on with Thika Super Highway up to the Garden City Overpass and the turn back to allsops.

Motorists from Outering Road who wish to head back at the same road will have to drive all the way to survey of Kenya Underpass, then turn right and move on up to the Garden City Overpass, turn right again and drive back to access the road.

New interchange

John Cheboi, Kura communications manager said that this decision for a new interchange was reached after it turned out that the current exchange road was not well thought-out at first.

“There has ever been traffic congestion at that junction and the roundabout is not adequate to ease traffic,  so the contractor went back to the drawing table of the design of Outering Road and Thika Super Highway, and the only rational option was to construct an additional flyover,” said Cheboi.

The new exchange is expected to advance Outering Road and it is seen as a game changer for the eastern part of Nairobi.

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