Algeria to produce 33,000MW of electricity by 2022

Algeria to produce 33,000MW of electricity by 2022

Algeria is set to reach electricity production capacity of 33,000MW by 2022 against the current 21,000MW. This is according to Energy Minister, Mustapha Guitouni.

“We are very proud to have multiplied electricity production four times from 6,000 MW in 1999 to 21,000 MW in 2019 and we are committed to commission other projects to reach our 2022 target of 33,000 MW,” said Mustapha Guitouni.

The Energy Minister pointed out that the investments will meet Algeria’s energy demands while the surplus will be exported to other countries.“We are working to organize our domestic markets in order to improve our network to enable us transport electricity to foreign markets.”

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National renewable energy programme

Moreover, in regards to the national renewable energy programme, Mohamed Arkab, CEO Sonelgaz Group said the company has trained over 300 specialized engineers as they prepare for the implementation of the programme that seeks to provide installation of 22,000 MW of renewable energy by 2030.

Currently Sonelgaz group has generated 400 MW of solar and wind power which has been connected to the national grid. The government also called for tenders for construction of solar photo voltaic power plants with a capacity of 150 MW.

The capacity will be increased by 50 MW through the hybridization programme of Sonelgaz diesel power plants presently supplying remote networks in south of Algeria. On the other side Sonatrach has embarked in it’s aggressive solarization programme covering 80% of needs in its sites with a capacity of 1,300 MW.

Algeria has an enormous potential for renewable energy. It enjoys a sunshine duration of 2,000 to 6,000 Wh/m2, which represents 10 times the world consumption. It makes this North African country one of the largest solar energy sources in the world.


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