African Sovereign Wealth and Pension Fund Leaders Refine COVID-19 Response Recommendations

African Sovereign Wealth and Pension Fund Leaders Refine COVID-19 Response Recommendations

Africa investor (Ai) today convened the 2nd African Sovereign Wealth and Pension Fund Leaders Forum COVID-19 Virtual Round-table, an exclusive Forum of the continent’s most influential Chairmen, CEO’s and CIO’s of African Sovereign Wealth and Pension Funds, to discuss the role and response of African institutional

investors in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic across Africa.

The Forum was Co-Chaired by Hubert Danso, CEO and Chairman Africa investor Group (Ai), Chairman, African Sovereign Wealth and Pension Fund Leaders Forum and Uche Orji, CEO of the Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority.

Roundtable participants discussed refining and giving structure to the areas of focus raised in the inaugural roundtable, which were based on the following 2 thematic areas of focus:

  1. Immediate Priority Responses, to protect African capital markets, SME’s, Supply Chains and the African Continental Free Trade Area (ACFTA) from the economic fallout of Covid-19
  2. Partnerships with Regulators, to foster industry shifts and the next normal regulatory environment required for African economies and industry to thrive and grow.

The following 7 Recommendations were generated as result of the discussion:

  • Recommendation 1: Collaborate on assisting SME supply chain and trade support through digitization (trade and fintech – esp healthcare and agriculture related),
  • Recommendation 2: Pursue ESG compliant infrastructure co-investment partnerships, (energy/healthcare/agri)
  • Recommendation 3: Develop and communicate seminal pandemic combative institutional investment models
  • Recommendation 4: Champion Institutional Investor research insights,
  • Recommendation 5: Motivate governments to consider directing some of their Quantitative Easing/Emergency funding towards SWF’s to allocate and invest into their local and regional economies
  • Recommendation 6: Engage in policy partnerships with Central Bank Governors on framing the new regulatory environment and investment needs of the post COVID-19 economy
  • Recommendation 7: Coordinate and correlate responses with global peer institutional investor and private sector industry bodies.

Africa’s institutional investment community, which are responsible for hundreds of billions of dollars of assets, which they manage and invest on behalf of their members and future generations, reaffirmed their commitment to support African governments and policy makers with planning and executing economic recovery programmes, so African economies can stabilize, grow and thrive in the new post COVID-19 economy.

The Round-tables Recommendations will form the basis an industry  Statement, that will be shared with African Heads of State, Central Bank Governors, Development Partners and Industry Peers.

For more information contact:
Hubert Danso,
CEO and Chairman, Africa investor, Chairman, African Sovereign Wealth and Pension Fund Leaders Forum

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