Africa investor Ai launches shareholder led multilateral development bank reforms roadmap at COP27

African beneficiaries of multilateral development banks (MDBs) urgently need a scaling-up of capital flows and an acceleration of capital deployment in order to meet their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

MDBs play a critical role in the delivery of the NDCs by enabling greenfield projects, early-stage innovation and financing adaptation. They structure transactions to enable private finance to enter markets and add additional scale, growing the total pool of finance available to African NDC projects.

MDB shareholders can use their privileged positions to institutionalise the joint commitments already made by MDBs towards this effort. They can directly influence the mandates and operating models of MDBs to enhance the mobilisation of private capital, which is critical to delivering globally equitable outcomes for the African populations that will benefit from the delivery of NDCs. Against this backdrop, this paper sets out:

  • Five key priority recommendations for reform (see box to right) to help MDBs become the catalyst for increased private financing to meet African NDCs.
  • A high-level action plan for MDB shareholders to table and institute – both at COP27 and beyond, under the Egyptian presidency to COP28. 


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