COP28: The Infrastructure Corporation of Nigeria, The African Green Infrastructure Investment Bank and Solarge International BV Announce the Intention to manufacture lightweight Solar Panels with an Ultra-Low Carbon footprint in Nigeria

3 December 2023: The Infrastructure Corporation of Nigeria (InfraCorp), a US$15 billion government-backed, privately managed infrastructure development, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the African Green Infrastructure Investment Bank and Solarge International BV, a leading European manufacturer of lightweight solar panels, for establishing a solar panel manufacturing factory in Nigeria, contributing significantly to the country’s industrialization drive and aligning with the vision of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for local manufacturing capabilities to create employment, accelerate electrification, and grow the economy while decarbonizing in line with Nigeria’s energy transition commitments.

The Solar PV Manufacturing Plant will be one of the first large scale production facilities in the world for lightweight solar panels with ultra-low carbon footprint. The project will play a pivotal role in Nigeria’s commitment to sustainable local manufacturing and critical infrastructure for achieving Net Zero emissions and advancing its energy transition plan to cleaner and sustainable energy sources, reducing reliance on traditional fossil fuels. More fundamentally, the project reinforces the drive towards localization, green manufacturing and import substitution agenda of the country.

“We are excited about the partnership with Solarge as it aligns with our commitment to driving an accelerated deployment of infrastructure in Nigeria and specifically toward sustainable development and economic growth. The Solar PV Manufacturing Plant represents a critical step in our aspiration to champion the deployment of climate-resilient infrastructure for a cleaner, greener, and more industrially vibrant Nigeria.” – Dr. Lazarus Angbazo, CEO of InfraCorp.
“The African Green Infrastructure Investment Bank (AfGIIB) is delighted to bring Solarge and InfraCorp together, as part of our strategic investment mandate to align global technology and domestic institutional investment partners, to establish and invest in locally owned and run industrial-scale, solar and green manufacturing technologies plants, located in Africa’s emerging world class green industrial cities.” – Dr. Hubert Danso Chair, The African Green Infrastructure Investment Bank (AfGIIB).
“Solarge is honored to collaborate with InfraCorp in advancing Nigeria’s solar energy capabilities. Our joint efforts will contribute to the realization of a sustainable and resilient energy future for the country and strengthen the long-standing bilateral relationship between the Government of Nigeria and the Netherlands.” – Drs. Jan Vesseur, CEO of Solarge.
“This partnership is a significant step forward to realising Nigeria’s ambitions to transition to green sustainable economy, strengthening the relations between Nigeria and the Netherlands. The solar sector not only provides opportunities for climate mitigation but also contributes to increased energy access and job creation. Together, we are committed to leveraging these opportunities for a sustainable and prosperous future”.- His Royal Highness Prince Jaime de Bourbon de Parme, Climate Envoy of The Netherlands.

This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in Nigeria’s journey towards a sustainable and resilient energy future. InfraCorp and Solarge are dedicated to driving positive change, fostering innovation, and contributing to the nation’s overall well-being.

For more information:

InfraCorp: Elisha Douglas

AfGIIB: Hubert Danso

Solarge: Gerard de Leede

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