Tanesco boasts enough Power supply in Kilimanjaro-Tanzania

The Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) is currently boasting of enough electricity power supply within Kilimanjaro; the region has been described as ‘good enough’ to meet the requirements of new industrial investments in the country.

This was announced by the Tanesco Regional Manager Eng Mahawa Mkaka, after visiting the company’s power supply stations. “We can now generate some 135 MW of electricity for use in Kilimanjaro region, our demands so far stands at just 34 MW. We therefore have an excess of 80 MW or more which could serve potential investors for at least ten years to come,” he said in the presence of Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner, Anna Mghwira.

“This good condition is based on installations of new electricity supply infrastructures which managed to address challenges that affected power supplies within the region in the past,” Eng Mkaka added,

While commenting on the challenges facing the power utility in the region, Eng Mkaka said that clients who owe the company millions of shillings are one of the main contributors to the problems facing the power utility.

“The damage of the company’s infrastructures committed by unpatriotic people when it comes to the nation’s properties is also another challenge,” Eng Mkaka said.

In her part, Ms. Mghwira praised Tanesco’s leadership in the region for their good commitments, whereby she said the presence of sufficient electricity in the region was something to be proud of especially because Tanzania is heading towards becoming an industrial nation.