Mali receives US $52m loan to build Sikasso solar PV plant

Mali receives US $52m loan to build Sikasso solar PV plant

The government of Mali has received US $52m from World Bank for the construction of a 50 MW solar power plant under public-private partnership (PPP) and has given the temporary concession to PowerPro to develop the first phase of the project.

The project aims to enhance the value of natural resources, substantially increase the production capacity of the interconnected network, reduce the average cost of energy production for the distributor and improve the quality of the public electricity service, according to the government.

Sikasso solar plant

The plant will be situated in the Sikasso Region, in the southernmost part of the western nation. PowerPro was chosen to install this photovoltaic solar power plant in a BOOT (Build, Own, Operate, Transfer).

The capacity installed at the end of phase one will be 29.6 MW. According to the PPA agreement, upon completion of the plant state run power utility company, Energie du Mali (EDM) will purchase energy from PowerPro for 28 years For the majority in Mali the main energy source is open fires, which puts pressure on the country’s forests.

Executing efficient energy schemes in rural areas of Malawi will play a major role in alleviating poverty and reducing inequalities in some of the country’s most vulnerable communities.

The Government of Mali is multiplying initiatives to promote this energy source.The initiative will focus more on the development of renewable energy projects, including solar energy. The World Bank funding is part of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Regional Electricity Access Project.

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