Kenya begins construction of US $12m Kimugu water treatment plant

Construction works on US $12m Kimugu Water Treatment Plant which will be situated at Duka Moja area along Kimugu Water Treatment Plant in Kenya has commenced.

Board CEO, Eng.Petronilla  Apiyo  Ogut confirmed the reports and said that the project is aimed at eradicating water scarcity in the town as well as generating jobs to many youth in the area.

“We have collaborated with county government since 2014 and we really appreciate them. Out of the ten counties that we serve, Kericho is the first county that has really supported the national government by accepting to acquire land towards the project,” commended Mr Ogut.

Kimugu Water Treatment

Kimugu Water Treatment Plant project will sit on a 10 acres of land acquired by the Kericho county  government. The county government acquired the land from Unilever Tea Company.

The Lake Victoria South Water Services Board (LVSWSB) awarded the million- dollar contract to an International Chinese Company, Nanchang Foreign Engineering Company. Funds for construction of the project were sourced by the national government on behalf of Kericho as a loan that will be paid by Kericho Water and Sanitation Company Limited (KEWASCO) and the devolved unit.

The project upon completion is estimated to provide water to close to 200,000 residents as an additional 13,000 million litres of water per day will be supplied, raising the water supply by KEWASCO to 22 million litres per day. Construction works will take two years to complete.

Nanchang Foreign Engineering Company Projects Senior Resident Engineer, Dinesh Hirani, affirmed their commitment in ensuring successful completion of the project.” The project will be completed within the agreed time and to the quality required under the contract”.