KAM partners with Kenya Power in US $15.5m project to stabilize western Kenya power

Kenya Association of Manufactures, KAM has partnered with Electricity distributor, Kenya Power in investing US $15m in a power stabilization project in Nyanza and Western Kenya.

The project will involve the installation of additional transformers and repair of existing sub stations to curb power outages that have affected power supply in the regions. Kenya Power managing director Ken Tarus says the investment in the distribution infrastructure will ensure that customers are supplied from various points to minimize outages.

Through a partnership with the Kenya Association of Manufactures, Mr Tarus said Kenya Power would regularly engage large power consumers through dedicated channels which include Whatsapp groups.

“We will continue engaging with them through the mechanism we have created such as the Whatsapp groups so that every so often we pick up the issues and challenges they experience,” he said.

Power demand

Despite having an installed capacity of 2,650MW, peak demand is estimated at 1,770MW with some manufactures forced to invest in alternative power generation units to guarantee reliable electricity supply.

“Industries and domestic customers around this region are not getting what they expected because of the challenge of distribution and transmission lines. Once we complete those initiatives we expect that we will see an upsurge in demand courtesy of the stability in supply coming to this region,” Mr Tarus said.

The association together with Kenya power said they are focused on optimizing the energy mix by ensuring that more renewable energy is absorbed to reduce reliance on thermal electricity and lower the fuel cost charge.

Part of the funds will be used for the installation of additional transformers in Kisumu South, Chemelil, Muhoroni, Sibembe and Bukembe substations to cope with growing power demand.