InfraCo Africa to develop Guinea’s Khoumagueli Solar project

InfraCo Africa, part of the multi-lateral Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG), has signed a joint development agreement worth US$3.1mn to develop the Khoumagueli Solar PV project in the Republic of Guinea

The Khoumagueli project aligns with the government of Guinea’s initiative to attract foreign investment for economic development. (Image source: InfraCo Africa)

The agreement was signed with Solvéo Energie SAS, Solvéo Guinea Renewable Energy SA and Solvéo International Investments SARL.

Khoumagueli is expected to be Guinea’s first grid-connected solar power plant, adding 40MWp of renewable energy to the country’s 566MW national grid.

Located near the city of Linsan in the Province of Kindia, the plant is set to connect to existing grid infrastructure. Complementing the nearby 75MW Garafiri hydro plant, the plant aims help in storing water to run its turbines at full capacity overnight, which will increase the plant’s efficiency by up to 20 per cent.

“Khoumagueli Solar is an exciting project for InfraCo Africa and our partners as it adopts an innovative approach to the development of Guinea’s renewable energy sector, using solar to enhance the viability of the country’s existing hydro resource,” said Kodjo Afidegnon, senior business development manager for West Africa.

The Government of Guinea (GoG) hold meetings in Paris to secure significant investment to support the country’s National Development Plan Economic and Social Council (2016- 2020). The meetings highlighted the importance of investing in Guinea’s infrastructure to promote economic development, and emphasised the GoG’s commitment to attracting private sector investment to the country.