Construction works at Complexes of Atbara and Sitate Rivers in Sudan complete

The government of Sudan through Dams Implementation Unit (DIU) in the Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity has announced the completion of construction works at complexes of Atbara and Sitate rivers.

General Manager of the Unit (Eng.) Omer Abu AL- Gassim said that all parts related to engineering and technical work were completed and the complexes are ready for inauguration in the upcoming days.

The Atbara and Sitate projects

The Atbara and Sitate projects are set to produce 320MW of power and would be entering into the national grid besides watering agricultural projects and availing water for Halfa agricultural project.

Furthermore the project would contribute in social and economic development in all states particularly the eastern states. The General Manager affirmed the completion of residential city and the cities for resettlement of affected population of the project and also assured that work on solving water problem in Gedarif was progressing towards final solution.

The government officials also inspected the completion of studies of new projects (Kennan and Rahad) in the partial of Rossiers irrigated project. According to Mr Gassim the project was built on aerial photography and area connectivity was done by the French IGN company.

The China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG) and its subsidiary China International Water & Electric Corporation(CWE) funded the project at a tune of US $1.9bn. In addition to the project implementation costs are hydroelectric and electric costs, technical and consultancy service costs, land-owning and population resettlement costs, and project implementation management and supervision costs by Sudan’s Dams Implementation Unit (DIU).